Required Experience

Easy You have some experience riding along small waves You’ve taken part on at least one small downwinder You can ride for around 2h a day Intermediate You have experience riding along formed waves and/or want to improve on wave riding You have experience with small downwinders and want to challenge yourself and work on your skills You can ride for around 3h a day You can ride toe-side You know the technique and you’re able to ride downwind on a straight line Difficult You’re confident riding along waves You have solid downwind experiences You can ride for 3/4h a day You can safely ride on toe-side You’re confident with advanced downwind techniques (like kite loop)

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How many Kilometers do we kite per day? Do we have any rest stops?

The car is equipped with drinks and food, and we stop at strategic points to eat and rest. If you need to get out of the water, we will be there to help you. We have the following routes: Light Jeri:40 km Delta Wild: 90 km Delta Parnaíba: 60 km Classic Short: 160 km Classic Route: 260 km Delta Poldros: 270 km Delta Experience: 200 km The Corner of Brazil: 200 km Delta Preá:130 km Special Coaching: 300 Iron Man: 625 km Delta Route: 340 km *Due to the size of some stretches, if you do not have the level or preparation, you can take a break in 4×4 and return to the sea to finish the route later.

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How can I take a companion who wants to learn how to kite?

The best place for someone learning to kite is at the WSC - Brasil (Preá beach). This is the arrival of the Classic Route and the departure point for the Delta routes. It’s great for those who want to learn or develop their kiting. You will be very well taken care of by staff who can help you improve your kiting skills.

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Are the hotel rooms double rooms? Can I have a single room?

Our package provides hotels with Double rooms, except for: Delta Route at Ilha dos Poldros at Delta do Parnaíba, where you may be required to share a room with one more. For single room options we will have to check the availability in the hotels, as it is a period of high season. If there is availability, there will likely be an increase in price. To reserve a single room can be difficult because it is high season and the hotels are beachfront. We can’t ensure single room availability but will do everything to satisfy the needs. During the Classic Route, we have a night in Arpoeiras at Canoas pousada, which is a simple guesthouse on the beach.

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What is suggested for the people accompanying me?

For those not sailing we suggest to relax and enjoy the hotels. If the person is interested in going in the car, watching and enjoying the scenery, it is possible to offer a discount of 15% in the package, as he/she will be with us all the way. Send an e-mail to check the conditions and availability.

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How do you guarantee safety?

Our captain and co-pilot, are connoisseurs of the prepared route, in terms of safety and first aid. Together they decide if a person is capable of following the stretches of the beach where the car is not able to follow the group. We are thoughtful about everything and have a safety system that includes: ≈ Professional kitesurf guide (English/Portuguese/Spanish), ≈ Professional Athlete supporting the group with the Captain. ≈ Programming and logistics from the coast ≈ Available cars with drivers, who know the region very well ≈ GPS & security systems able to contact the coast whilst at sea ≈ SOS emergency phone to contact rescue if necessary ≈ Satellite telephone with connection to the coast

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What kites are normally used and which ones should I take?

We recommend kite sizes in between: 7-10 (this is according to the weight of the sailor and the wind intensity). Ideally bring 2 different sized kites and 2 boards. Downwind with surfboard with Strap is always the better option, but twin tip will be a lot of fun too. You can also bring: replacement fins, bars, and lines which are warmly welcome. Camelback backpack is extremely important as well. It’s good to bring 1 suitcase for clothes, 02 kites, 02 boards (twin -tip and surfboard). Also sunscreen, long sleeve lycra, cap, sunglasses, and your GoPro

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