Challenge your inner self!

We are ready to take you on a journey of a lifetime!

Surfinsemfim is an experience — an experience made up of many different things.

Surfinsemfim is Safe

Your safety is our top priority. We will be with you throughout your journey to provide support and assistance, and to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our vehicles follow the group along the route, and our trained captains are with you on the water to provide guidance, coaching, water safety, and rescue if necessary. Our teams are fully equipped with marine radios, GPS and other communication devices so that you are safe and having the time of your life.

Surfinsemfim is Wild and Natural

Everybody seeks some adventure in their lives… For kitesurfers, Surfinsemfim is the best way to explore, discover, and have the adventure of a lifetime! We kite across three states in Northeast Brazil, reaching remote beaches, and seeing exotic wildlife, all while practicing our favorite sport. It’s an endless paradise where the wind is always in our favor.

Surfinsemfim is Fun

We are always seeking to have more fun in everything we do. Leave all your worries behind and come see what Surfinsemfim has to offer! Spend time with friends, meet new people, explore new locations, and most of all — have fun! The kiting conditions are phenomenal, and the good vibe never ends.

Surfinsemfim is Friendship

Every year we have people from all over the world who come together to complete a Surfinsemfim experience as a team. We all learn from each other and from the ups and downs that we face during the routes. The result is always new kiting partners and friendships that last a lifetime. Bring your friends, family or come alone— everyone is welcome!

Surfinsemfim is Community

The locations, communities and the people we encounter along our trips are some of the things that make Surfinsemfim so special. Native culture has always inspired the freeness and wildness of Surfinsemfim and continues to inspire us today. The locals are talented in their crafts and are always eager to teach us a thing or two! With a mutual respect between kiters and local communities, we are able to see and experience the amazing native way of life.

Surfinsemfim is Self Improvement

On our coaching trips and also on the long distance routes you can be sure you’ll go home with lessons learned, sometimes not only technical or performance wise but also for life.