Our Team

  • Marco Dalpozzo


    The captain of Surfinsemfim itself, Italian born Marco Dalpozzo is the visionary that brought this wonderful experience to life. His passion for kiting, nature, exploring, and belonging has brought many people together from all over the world, to experience something unforgettable! He loves the challenge, so you’re sure to find him as the captain of the Iron Man or Ultra Man routes!

  • Wandeson Souza


    Kiteboarder / Native from Preá Beach, Ceará – Brazilian Kitesurf Mecca As a Preá native, Wandeson knows exactly what Surfinsemfim is about! He’s very familiar with the good winds, the beautiful nature, and the enchanting corners of this part of Brazil, and they’ve all shaped him into an incredible kitesurfer! Take notes!

  • André Penna


    Adventurous Kitesurfer / Downwinder Fanatic

    Before Surfinsemfim was born, there was Andre Penna. This is the guy that was spotted kiting (alone) along remote regions of Brazil’s northeastern coast, “just exploring”. As an advanced kiter and avid adventurer, it seems that Surfinsemfim and Andre were meant for each other! He is often a captain of the Surfinsemfim routes, he is one of our drone photographers, and he always has the best stories. Don’t miss out!

  • Guilly Brandão


    3 x World Champion – 9 x Brazilian Champion – South American Champion

    Another Brazilian native, Guilly Brandão sets the standard for quality kitesurfing. He is a 3x Kitesurf World Champion and continues to impress us in the water today. He captains many routes for Surfinsemfim, and also offers Kitesurf Coachings in various locations around the world. Don’t let this nice guy fool you, his ability in the water is mean!!

  • Eduardo “Rato” Fernandes


    You’ll be lucky to find yourself kiting with Rato— a real surf legend. As a former professional surfer and avid water sportsman, he picked up Kitesurfing and he loved it! With an awesome sense of professionalism, Rato captains and co-captains some of the Surfinsemfim routes, delivering unforgettable experiences. Check him out in an old surf magazine, or come see the legend in action with us!

  • Mitu Monteiro

    Cape Verdean

    1x World Champion – 3x Vice World Champ – Watermen Experience The man, the myth, the legend: Mitu! Straight out of Cape Verde, he has been kitesurfing since 2002 and has dominated the kitesurfing world in the wave riding discipline. A family man, and dedicated friend, Mitu always finds his way back to Brazil to enjoy another Surfinsemfim!

  • Beto Búzios


    Living exclusively from the wind and the ocean for the last 21 years, Beto Buzios is one of the Kitesurf pioneers in Brazil. His specialty is to solve problems on the water, making sure that everyone overcome their limitations and gets to the most amazing destinations with a lot of fun!

  • Vincent Daubagna


    A dreamer isn’t the right way to describe Vincent, but more as a Visionary. He was one of the founding fathers of Surfinsemfim, helping to explore the northeast of Brazil many years ago, when it was basically untouched. Now he’s back every year to enjoy an amazing project that he helped create: Surfinsemfim!

  • Gleison Monteiro


    A native of Tatajuba – CE, Gleison Monteiro has been a kitesurf practitioner since he was 14 years old, with more than 20 years living the soul of this sport and knowing the world through his kite. Founder of SusetKiteBoarding, he is very familiar with the coast and good winds of Ceará and Maranhão. Gleison joins us bringing – in addition to impressive skills in the water – his energy and good vibes.

  • Said Selvagem


    Native of Fortalezinha, Pará. Said’s passion for living life in a different way is kiteboarding. He challenges himself with sailing as a way of seeing the world in a simple way and more connected with nature.

  • Marcela Witt


    Brazilian born kiter, Marcela Witt, is a great role model for girls around the world in multi sports! She is our ambassador when she’s kiting around the world, and often captains a Surfin Sem Fim route in the Northeast of Brazil. She shows us what it means to kite like a girl!

  • Tonico Correa


    Tonico Correa is a civil engineer, but his true passions lie beyond the corporate world. He found the first signs of his love for extreme sports and nature in surfing and snowboarding. Since 2000, he has been devoted to kitesurfing and, in 2020, he delved into the world of foil, immersing himself in kite foil, wingfoil, and surffoil, rediscovering freedom above and below the waves. Apart from sports, Tonico has an insatiable thirst for travel and immersion in new cultures, seeing each destination as a new adventure and learning opportunity. His life philosophy balances career and personal passions, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve professional success while dedicating oneself to what truly moves the soul.

  • Rocío Reigert


    Pro Wingfoiler • Pan-american Champion • 4x Brazilian Champion

    Born in Argentina, but a Brazilian at heart. Pure essence and crazy about adventures. She discovered wind and water sports on a Kombi trip through South America. At that time, she had no idea how much an activity could change her heart and mind. Feeling the wind on her face, the power of the sea, and the unique dance of the waves became a great pleasure and something she can't live without anymore. Traveling in search of waves, getting to know different cultures, understanding the conditions, and assessing her abilities is a dream she lives by every day.

Athletes who have already participated

  • Sebastian Ribeiro


    Brazilian Champion Strapless Freestyle Wave / World tour Top 5 One of the newest member to the Surfinsemfim team, Sebastian is a young pro rider that is killing it right now! He’s been on many podiums after proving his skills in the water, and there’s more to come! Check out what the future looks like.

  • Alex Neto


    Brazilian Pro / Kiteboarding Champion 2014 / World tour Top 5

    A Cumbuco local, from the northeast of Brazil, Alex Neto has been shredding since 2007. He’s been around the world kiteboarding and competing, but always makes time to get in his Surfinsemfim trips!

  • Reno Romeu


    2013 Brazilian Kiteboarder Champion This Carioca (Rio de Janeiro native) has got style and isn’t afraid to show it! The high-flying Reno Romeu has been on the kitesurfing scene since the early 2000’s, and quickly made a name for himself as a pro. Surfinsemfim welcome’s Reno every year to show our clients what kitesurfing is all about!

  • Set Teixeira


    Brazilian Kiteboarder / Freestyle Where I live people breathe kitesurfing and wind. When I was a kid, my brother started to kite and taught me. It was love at first sight, after my first lesson I was passionate about the sport!

  • Pedro Matos


    Here we have ourselves a “Carioca”, straight out of Rio de Janeiro. His well rounded skill set has proved him to be one of the best Brazilian kiters. With youth on his side, he has potential to be one of the world’s best. Let’s go Pedro!

  • Matchu Lopes

    Cape Verdean

    2016 World Champion / 2017 World Vice Champion Born to ride, Matchu has been dominating the waters of Cabo Verde since birth! His natural and fearless style easily qualifies him as one of the best riders out of the African continent.

  • Keahi de Aboitiz


    4x Kitesurfing World Champion

    As a kitesurfer, surfer, and stand-up paddleboarder, Keahi has proved to be one of the most well-rounded wave riders around the world. This Australian born pro has already left his mark on the world of water sports and continues to impress. We are pleased to have him on our team!

  • Mallory Villemarque


    Kiteboarder / Kite Coach Coming to us from across the Atlantic, this French born F-one rider is a freestyle freak! It’s always a show when he arrives *in* Brazil. Catch him in the waves with Surfinsemfim or at the afternoon BBQ, it’s always a good time with Mallory!

  • Willow Tonkin

    South African / Mauritian

    Pro Kiteboarder A real island boy, Willow comes to us from the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Mauritius. This well-rounded kitesurfer can school you in the waves or in the lagoons, your choice! With those signature blonde locks, you *won’t* miss this guy in the water!

  • Estefania Rosa


    This Cumbuco native is an expert in the freestyle discipline, with multiple regional championships under her belt. She is a shining light on our team, very family oriented, and always giving back to the community— an excellent example for anyone!

  • Hendrick Lopes

    Swiss / Capeverdean

    1x Youth Kitesurf World Champion- 1x African Wingfoil Champ

    Professional Waterman out of the seas of Cape Verde who moved to Switzerland for a better education. He is now pursuing his dream of traveling the world looking for the best kite and wing spots. That’s why he fell in love with our Terra do Vento and is always finding his way back here!

  • Titouan Galea

    New Caledonia

    From the island of New Caledonia, Titouan Galea has always been into water sports and got introduced to kitesurfing through his dad, when he was 9 years old. He moved to France in 2016 to compete Kite Foiling, which he did until Wing Foiling came around, in 2020. A year later, he won the first ever World Championship Title and is now 100% dedicated to this new sport.

Behind it All

  • Paolo Piatti


    One of the God fathers, Paolo Piatti brings life to Surfinsemfim. Italian born and raised, he gets the job done! His dynamic with Marco Dalpozzo had led Surfinsemfim to where it is today; thanks Paolo!!

  • Silmara Ambrósio


    Silmara has masterfully embraced our operation since the beginning of our history, we often lack words to describe the love we all share for her. While our captains have the ability to sail through unknown seas, Silmara certainly has the ability to make everyone follow along within our purpose.

  • Studio Peixe


    A group of artists and professionals with diverse experiences, who believe in art, design and the human ability to tell stories, create content and smart solutions in different areas of the branding.

  • Luísa Monte


    She left the big city in the past in order to live in a fishing village, next to the most beautiful beaches and the wind of Ceará. Carioca with a Ceará soul, Luísa is responsible for showing, through marketing, the core of the experience of sailing and knack from Terra do Vento.

  • César Inacio


    A mixed aura of a player and explorer soul who guide our routes through the four wheels, César is our backbone on the trips providing the confidence that help is a call away when out of the water support is necessary, to guarantee the best sail always.

  • Camila Torres


    Passionate about kitesurfing, Camila divides her life between the wind season in Brazil and Cape Verde, there she manages the school of the great Mitu Monteiro and here she organizes kite experiences between Rancho do Peixe and Vila Kalango. Not to mention that he loves exploring new kite spots to always evolve in the kite wave.

  • Leandro Breno Vasconcelos Furtuna


    New member of the Surfin Sem Fim operations and logistics team. With a background in English, Breno has experience in corporate projects and technology in his career. Takes care of all the details of the Surfinsemfim routes.