• Aonde o Vento Levar…

    The adventure Where the Wind Takes is on YouTube, guys!!

  • Reentrâncias Maranhenses

    In this mini documentary, Tiago Azzi, together with Marco Dalpozzo, Wanderson Sousa and André Penna kiting to Belém, in Pará, exploring the natural beauties of the Amazon Forest.

  • Ultraman 2022

    Ultraman route: Images of the last crossing in the recesses of maranhenses.

  • Surfinsemfim Nativar I Surfinsemfim Amazônia

    Nativar ("to native") means to live without being overly concerned about life. It's about living day after day, enjoying the simple things and having a healthy lifestyle.

  • Intro Surfinsemfim

    This is Surfinsemfim Discover where the wind carries me, With my feet, kite and surfboard, Ans a desire to fly, Exploring every unique beach, The history of each place, The best of every man, In close and distant lands, Leaving no footprint, For these are blown by the wind, But creating memories instead.

  • DOC – Surfinsemfim: Best Moments

    Here are some of the highlights from our documentary produces in collaboration with Canal OFF of Brazil! What an amazing time with some amazing people! Check out our site to join an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Surfinsemfim memories essential

    This is a transforming experience that is lived with your kite and your board, passing through villages, meeting natives, discovering paradisiacal beaches and resting at night in high standard accommodation. From Rio Grande do Norte, passing through the entire state of Ceará, Piauí, until arriving in São Luís, in Maranhão. Here we walk in the wind.

  • This is Surfinsemfim

    Check out this video made by the incredible Crystal Veness, showing her 2018 experience with Surfinsemfim! Discover the beauty of Brazil and the unique experiences that our routes offer

  • Onde o Vento levar

    We are an alliance of inns that delight lovers of wind sports. Our 5 pillars: wind, sea, natives, poetry and sustainability, and the highest level of service and the preservation of the places where we are.