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DOC – SSF Rumo a Amazonia

Our life is to explore Brazil without extracting anything material from it. We travel for the essence, for the different cultures, for the beauty of the simplicity of the native Brazilian. The tool? Kitesurfing.

SSF – Turning the Page

We’re turning the pageThis time it seems to be for real.Was it nature or maybe God… who knows? But we are turning the page.

SSF – Wing – Delta do Parnaíba

An incredible adventure through the untouchable nature of the Delta do Parnaíba.

This is Surfin Sem Fim

Check out this video made by the incredible Crystal Veness, showing her 2018 experience with Surfin Sem Fim!

Filippe Ferreira at Rancho do Peixe

Kiteboarder Filippe Ferreira was at Rancho do Peixe, at Praia do Preá, and made a downwind to Vila Kalango, in Jericoacoara.

DOC – Surfin Sem Fim: Best Moments

Here are some of the highlights from our documentary produces in collaboration with Canal OFF of Brazil! What an amazing time with some amazing people! Check out our site to join an adventure of a lifetime.

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 1)

Surfin Sem Fim’s Ultraman Route was an unforgettable experience for these 6 friends, who kited for 2 weeks and 1000km in one of the most incredible places in the world.

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 2)

On this episode, they kitesurf from Sao Miguel do Gostoso to Galinhos, on the state of Rio Grande do Norte. It’s a sketchy part, due to the offshore winds. The arrival in Galinhos by the river is very special!

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 3)

On this episode, they will kite from Galinhos to Soledade, passing through many beautiful rivers and incredible landscapes.

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 4)

In this episode, they kite for two days from Tibau, on the boarder of Ceara and Rio Grande do Norte, until reaching Fortaleza.

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 5)

On this episode, these 6 friends pass by the great city of Fortaleza. It was a very urban and tense adventure, crossing the Port, where they kite further away from the coast.

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 6)

Day 9 of the Ultraman, a very long day, over 5 hours of kiting. We’ll go from Taíba Beach to Icaraízinho.

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 7)

Day 10 of the Ultraman. We left Icarízinho and kited until Prea. We arrived in Paradise. Surfin Sem Fim is an experience that’s not just a downwind.

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 8)

Day 12 of the Ultraman, today we will arrive in the Parnaíba Delta. We left Barra grande – PI sailing 75km to the magical Ilha dos Poldros – PI.

DOC – Ultraman 1.000km (episode 9)

Day 14 of the Ultraman, last day of the 1,000km trip. We left from Ilha dos Poldros to the Lençóis Maranhenses, in Atins.

DOC – SSF Shot

Here are some of the highlights from our documentary produces in collaboration with Canal OFF of Brazil!

SSF ROUTES – IRON MAN with Reno Romeu Alex Neto e Marcela Witt

It’s path is for those who want to push their endurance and physical limits.

MINI DOC – Canal Off

Let the wind take you, let it guide you along its path. We yearn to see what there is to be discovered, and our journey is endless.

SSF ROUTES – Ceará Classic

The Classic Route is where it all started! Take a look at one of SSF’s most famous routes and all of the beauty that is has to offer.

SSF ROUTES – Delta Route 01

On this route, you will have the pleasure of experiencing 3 different states of Brazil: Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão.

SSF ROUTES – Lençóis Maranhenses

The Lençóis Maranhenses are an incredible site to see, and one of the most beautiful attractions of northern Brazil.

SSF ROUTES – Preá – Atins 2015

This video is about Surfin Sem Fim Prea – Atins 2015

SSF ROUTES – Ceará Classic with Melissa Gil, Marcela Witt and Guilly Brandão

A true adventure: wonderful unspoiled beaches, rivers, dunes for you explore and cross by sea. The experience taught us the most important point is your security…

DOC – Ultra Man

Surfin Sem Fim’s Ultraman Route was an unforgettable experience for these 6 friends, who kited for 2 weeks and 1.000km in one of the most incredible places in the world, traveling with their boards at their feet and kites in the wind.

DOC – Iron Man

Here is our documentary, filmed in collaboration with Canal OFF. Check out the essence of Northeastern Brazil, and everything that Surfin Sem Fim stand for! Discovery, Exploration, Nature, Culture, and Poetry. Always unforgettable experiences with our team!

Surfin Sem Fim with Mitu Monteiro – Teaser

Teaser – Surfin Sem Fim with Mitu Monteiro

SSF – Nature & Kitesurf

There is so much beauty that you can find within the sport of kitesurfing. Surfin Sem Fim allows you to see, feel, and experience everything that you could hope for when kiting.

SSF – Kitesurf Discoveries

There are some things that kitesurfing exposes you to like nothing else can. It is a sport that liberates you and allows you to be connected with yourself…

SSF – Kitesurfing is a Collective Sport

Surfin Sem Fim can show you that kitesurfing is an individual sport, but when practiced together in a group it can be even more amazing!

SSF – Essential Experience

Just think of traveling, finding places and discovering nature, sailing and gliding along 100, 200, 300 km using the energy of the wind…

SSF Coaching in Hawaii with Guilly Brandão

Here is some footage from a coaching in Hawaii with our pro rider Guilly Brandão. They were able to explore and progress.

SSF Coaching in Mauritius with Willow-Riven Tonkin

Take a look at Surfin Sem Fim’s coaching trip on Mauritius Island with pro rider Willow-River Tonkin!

SSF Jericoacoara & Preá Beach with Guilly Brandão

Check out this session with Guilly Brandão at Preá Beach, in our back yard! This was part of one of SSF’s coaching clinics in Jericoacoara.

SSF Coaching: Pacasmayo, Peru with Guilly Brandão

Former world champion Guilly Brandão leads a group in a SSF Coaching along the coast of Pacasmayo, Peru.

Heavy Wave Riding Coaching – Matanzas, Chile

Matanzas is a small village with a few restaurants and several condominiums with very similar, yet charming architecture, great waves and amazing wind.