Rio Grande do Norte / Ceara Levante
Ponta Negra (RN) – Praia do Futuro (CE)
300 km

Ceara Poente
Cumbuco (CE) – Preá (CE)
280 km

Ceará Poente / Delta Lençóis
Preá (CE) – Atins (MA)

Atins (MA) – São Luís (MA)

Ah! The so-called Terra do Vento! I was told that this land is magical. I discovered that the best wind in the world is here, where I was present, for the first time, 10 years ago.

In this land, the ocean water is warm enough that it kind of makes you want to stay in all day long. The animals glide in the gradient ocean, alternating between blue and green. It may look like the Caribbean, but it’s in the Northeast of the most tropical country, Brazil.

With the board under your feet and the kite in the sky, from Rio Grande do Norte to Maranhão, it is possible to reach the most remote places along the coast and discover that you can learn a lot from the native people – the guardians of this enchanting land!

When I first arrived here, the fishing villages had just the moonlight and the kerosene lamps, it seemed like something out of this world. Ah, I think this is the magic!

In each corner of Terra do Vento, unique and transforming sensations are brought to life. Indescribable is the word to best express this experience, because it’s impossible to describe what I lived. And as any adjective I use will be too tiny to demonstrate what this means, I decided to share this moment with you every year.

Wind blowing in your face, the sun making its way through the water and the best feeling in the world build this intense memory. Come with me, I’ll show you what it’s like to glide through the water of the Terra do Vento through kiting.

Glossary: Terra do Vento literally translates to “Land of the Wind”.