Sebastian Ribeiro

Brazilian Champion Strapless Freestyle Wave / World tour Top 5 One of the newest member to the Surfinsemfim team, Sebastian is a young pro rider that is killing it right now! He’s been on many podiums after proving his skills in the water, and there’s more to come! Check out what the future looks like.

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Alex Neto

Brazilian Pro / Kiteboarding Champion 2014 / World tour Top 5 A Cumbuco local, from the northeast of Brazil, Alex Neto has been shredding since 2007. He’s been around the world kiteboarding and competing, but always makes time to get in his Surfinsemfim trips!

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Reno Romeu

2013 Brazilian Kiteboarder Champion This Carioca (Rio de Janeiro native) has got style and isn’t afraid to show it! The high-flying Reno Romeu has been on the kitesurfing scene since the early 2000’s, and quickly made a name for himself as a pro. Surfinsemfim welcome’s Reno every year to show our clients what kitesurfing is all about!

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Set Teixeira

Brazilian Kiteboarder / Freestyle Where I live people breathe kitesurfing and wind. When I was a kid, my brother started to kite and taught me. It was love at first sight, after my first lesson I was passionate about the sport!

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Pedro Matos

Here we have ourselves a “Carioca”, straight out of Rio de Janeiro. His well rounded skill set has proved him to be one of the best Brazilian kiters. With youth on his side, he has potential to be one of the world’s best. Let’s go Pedro!

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Matchu Lopes

2016 World Champion / 2017 World Vice Champion Born to ride, Matchu has been dominating the waters of Cabo Verde since birth! His natural and fearless style easily qualifies him as one of the best riders out of the African continent.

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Keahi de Aboitiz

4x Kitesurfing World Champion As a kitesurfer, surfer, and stand-up paddleboarder, Keahi has proved to be one of the most well-rounded wave riders around the world. This Australian born pro has already left his mark on the world of water sports and continues to impress. We are pleased to have him on our team!

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Willow Tonkin

Pro Kiteboarder A real island boy, Willow comes to us from the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Mauritius. This well-rounded kitesurfer can school you in the waves or in the lagoons, your choice! With those signature blonde locks, you *won’t* miss this guy in the water!

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Estefania Rosa

This Cumbuco native is an expert in the freestyle discipline, with multiple regional championships under her belt. She is a shining light on our team, very family oriented, and always giving back to the community— an excellent example for anyone!

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