The transfer prices are not included in our package. The transfer from the airport to Taiba takes about 45 minutes, and costs around R$250.00.

It takes about 4 hours to get from Fortaleza to Preá, and costs about R$650.00, which can be divided by up to 4 people. Closer to the date of your arrival, we can organize all the transfers for you and help to find ways to divide the costs with other clients.

The transfer from Lençóis to Jericoacoara takes 6 hours, and to Fortaleza up to 9 hours.

Another option is Fretcar: They have busses from the Fortaleza airport to Cumbuco, Preá, and Jeri at lower costs.

On the routes that end in Maranhão (Atins), we recommend taking a flight from São Luis for your return. The transfer from Atins to São Luis takes about 5 hours and costs around R$850.00. This includes 1.5hr of boat transfer along the Rio Preguica river, which is amazing. Then you take a car transfer from Barreirinha to the airport, which takes about 3.5hrs and can be divided by up to 6 people. It’s worth extending your adventure a few days in Atins, where you can discover one of the worlds wonders: The Lençóis Maranhenses.