Come have the best kiting experience of your life, exploring new paradises and creating new friendships along the way!

At Surfin Sem Fim, we are driven by invisible forces: the wind, visual and sentimental poetry, and our own human nature. Our expeditions have taken us to new places, physical and spiritual, that we might not reach alone.

We have mapped out and cataloged the routes that we explored, ensuring professionalism, safety and comfort. Infinity is now within your reach! Discover cultures, explore your inner self, improve your kiting skills, and live intensely. There are routes available for all levels of kiters!

The Routes

Explore, discover, and experience the beauty of brazil. Incredible downwind adventures and unforgettable experiences!

Delta Lençóis – AUG

This is a very nice route, that explore the Parnaíba Delta and the Lençóis Maranhenses very well. It is the best time in the year to kite in the Lençóis Maranhenses, where we will kite for 2 days on those dreamy cristal clear lagoons in the dunes.

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Wing Classic Downwind & Wave Experience – OCT

The classic route is the most traditional DW route at #Windland, in the version developed to Wingfoil, we’re going to do a total of 120km between Cumbuco and Mundaú. The focus will be on improving DW techniques, glide and wave riding in addition to knowledge exchange of equipment and adjustments.

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