Marco Dalpozzo

The captain of Surfinsemfim itself, Italian born Marco Dalpozzo is the visionary that brought this wonderful experience to life. His passion for kiting, nature, exploring, and belonging has brought many people together from all over the world, to experience something unforgettable! He loves the challenge, so you’re sure to find him as the captain of the Iron Man or Ultra Man routes!

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Wandeson Souza

Kiteboarder / Native from Preá Beach, Ceará – Brazilian Kitesurf Mecca As a Preá native, Wandeson knows exactly what Surfinsemfim is about! He’s very familiar with the good winds, the beautiful nature, and the enchanting corners of this part of Brazil, and they’ve all shaped him into an incredible kitesurfer! Take notes!

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André Penna

Adventurous Kitesurfer / Downwinder Fanatic Before Surfinsemfim was born, there was Andre Penna. This is the guy that was spotted kiting (alone) along remote regions of Brazil’s northeastern coast, “just exploring”. As an advanced kiter and avid adventurer, it seems that Surfinsemfim and Andre were meant for each other! He is often a captain of the Surfinsemfim routes, he is one of our drone photographers, and he always has the best stories. Don’t miss out!

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Guilly Brandão

3 x World Champion – 9 x Brazilian Champion – South American Champion Another Brazilian native, Guilly Brandão sets the standard for quality kitesurfing. He is a 3x Kitesurf World Champion and continues to impress us in the water today. He captains many routes for Surfinsemfim, and also offers Kitesurf Coachings in various locations around the world. Don’t let this nice guy fool you, his ability in the water is mean!!

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Eduardo “Rato” Fernandes

You’ll be lucky to find yourself kiting with Rato— a real surf legend. As a former professional surfer and avid water sportsman, he picked up Kitesurfing and he loved it! With an awesome sense of professionalism, Rato captains and co-captains some of the Surfinsemfim routes, delivering unforgettable experiences. Check him out in an old surf magazine, or come see the legend in action with us!

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Mitu Monteiro

1x World Champion – 3x Vice World Champ – Watermen Experience The man, the myth, the legend: Mitu! Straight out of Cape Verde, he has been kitesurfing since 2002 and has dominated the kitesurfing world in the wave riding discipline. A family man, and dedicated friend, Mitu always finds his way back to Brazil to enjoy another Surfinsemfim!

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Beto Búzios

Living exclusively from the wind and the ocean for the last 21 years, Beto Buzios is one of the Kitesurf pioneers in Brazil. His specialty is to solve problems on the water, making sure that everyone overcome their limitations and gets to the most amazing destinations with a lot of fun!

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Vincent Daubagna

A dreamer isn’t the right way to describe Vincent, but more as a Visionary. He was one of the founding fathers of Surfinsemfim, helping to explore the northeast of Brazil many years ago, when it was basically untouched. Now he’s back every year to enjoy an amazing project that he helped create: Surfinsemfim!

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Gleison Monteiro

A native of Tatajuba – CE, Gleison Monteiro has been a kitesurf practitioner since he was 14 years old, with more than 20 years living the soul of this sport and knowing the world through his kite. Founder of SusetKiteBoarding, he is very familiar with the coast and good winds of Ceará and Maranhão. Gleison joins us bringing – in addition to impressive skills in the water – his energy and good vibes.

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