Come and see why Brazil is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world! When you think of “tropical”, what comes to mind? Here you will find that the warm waters and white sand beaches are a spectacle to see, and will leave you wanting to return. The tropical climate has also created a lush rainforest throughout the majority of the country, where you can find beautiful animals and hidden paradises.



Brazilians are known to be some of the ‘warmest’ people and have so much to offer— forget the stereotypes! Get to know the welcoming, laid-back lifestyle of the locals, where the good times don’t end. You’ll always feel safe and secure, especially with the kitesurfing scene along the coast!

Don’t forget to eat more than you should.. The food in Brazil in amazing! Fresh fruit and vegetables are a daily privilege, and are products of the rich agricultural environments found in Brazil. Here you will find fruits that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and we can assure you that the açaí will leave you with “saudades”. Enjoy a juicy steak, or some fresh fish— Brazil has it all!



There are various locations in Brazil to kitesurf, but some of the best kiting conditions in the world are found along Brazil’s northeastern coast. This region offers incredible conditions, perfect for kiters who:

  • Want to practice long distance kiting and test their endurance
  • Are interested in progression and improving their kiting abilities
  • Are looking for a new adventure and practice the sport of kiteboarding
  • Most importantly, conditions that are perfect for kiters of all levels

From Cumbuco to Atins you will find good wind, warm water, clear skies for 7 months throughout the year. This region supports Brazil’s high average wind statistic. The kiting locations are in the middle of paradise, and are unlike anywhere else in world! Come see for yourself.