Kiters who visit Brazil with Surfinsemfim generally find Brazil to be a very safe country (more so than some other kite destinations such as Hawaii and Mexico, for example).

It is important to understand that Brazil is a very large country, and it is always important to know where you are and where you are going. There are some remote areas, in the Amazon for example, where it is better to travel with a guide or a local that can help you get around without any problems. You do not need such a guide in the areas where we travel for kitesurfing.

The larger cities of Brazil can be compared to cities of any other country in the world: it’s always a good idea to be careful. Pay attention to where you are going and your surroundings. Try to avoid bad neighborhoods at night, and respect the culture of the country that you’re visiting. With these tips you can safely and easily travel through Brazil without any problems.