We invited professional athletes, kite surfers passionate for adventures and counted on the natives support and wisdom to carry out the first declared expedition. Guilly Brandão, Marcela Witt, Melissa Gil, Jalila Paulino and the natives Wanderson Sousa and Felipe made up the team.

We’ve recorded the first images of the expedition, as discoveries and conquers by the sea. It was magical, epic, unforgettable, something that intensely touched our emotions. The need to share with others what we saw and felt became a formatted product, one that can’t be kept, only carried in the soul. Thus, begins a second stage of the dream, with a dive even deeper into the maps and the discovery of new possible routes. This team, was reinforced by Mitu Monteiro, Cape Verdean world kite surfer legend and Rodrigo Minotauro, UFC fighter who finds balance in the kite to perform his profession.