Wing Classic Downwind & Wave Experience


Cumbuco > Mundaú

Eduardo Rato & Fernando Mizo


set dates
oct, 01 st  –  06 th

R$ 7.500


120 km


Equipment possibilities

About the route

The classic route is the most traditional DW route at #Windland, in the version developed to Wingfoil, we’re going to do a total of 120km between Cumbuco and Mundaú. The focus will be on improving DW techniques, glide and wave riding in addition to knowledge exchange of equipment and adjustments.

Day by day

The route was developed and is going to be led by the waterman Eduardo ‘’Rato’’ Fernandes and the athlete Fernando ‘’Mizo’’ Novaes and counting with the ‘’know how’’ of these two beats. The route is an unique opportunity for those who want to start DW and improve glide techniques and wave riding with high level security and supervision. 


Day 01:
Check-in at Kitecabana Inn in Cumbuco. 

Sailing in front of the Inn to adjust equipment and check at participant’s level. 

Welcome Dinner. 


Day 02:

7H30 to 8H30 – Breakfast 

9H – Briefing

11H – Equipment’s Checkup.

12H – Leave / Downwind 28km until Taíba (aprox. 2h30) 

14H30/15H00 – Welcome to Vila Marola Inn. Free Sailing with a wave riding coach.

19H – Dinner.


Day 03:

7H30 to 8H30 – Breakfast 

9H00 – Briefing
11:00 – Equipment’s Checkup.

12H00 – Leave / Downwind 34km until Lagoinha, stoping at Paracuru where we’re going to enjoy the waves and gliding conditions (aprox. 4:00hrs)

16H/16H30 – Welcome to Genus Beach Hotel
19H – Dinner

Day 04:

7H30 as 8H30 – Breakfast 

9H – Briefing
11H – Equipment’s Checkup.

12H – Leave / Downwind 20km until Guajiru (aprox. 2:00 hrs) 

14H30/15H00 – Welcome to Vila Vagalume Inn. Free Sailing with a wave riding coach.

19H00 – Dinner


Day 05:

7H30 to 8H30 – Breakfast

9H – Briefing
11H – Equipment’s Checkup.

12H – Leave/ Downwind 20km until Mundaú (aprox. 2:00 hrs) 

14H30/16H – Free Sailing with a wave riding coach.
16H30 – Go back to Guajirú
19H – Dinner and Delivery of certificates 


Day 06: Checkout

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