Canoa Quebrada > Uruaú

Beto Búzios


set dates
SEP, 12 th  –  15 th

R$ 6.700


65 km


Equipment possibilities

About the route

The courses are suitable for riders with more experience in waves of 0.30 in 1m and who are progressing on the waves or have made several downwinders. Also for riders who are confident in their ability to kite for at least 2 to 3 hours a day and can cycle side by side for short distances.

Day by day


Day 1 – Arrival in Fortaleza transfer to the Jaguaribe hotel away from the kite where we will have dinner and sleep in the city of Fortim.

Day 2 – We went by car to a boat to cross the river fort, and go upwind by car for 15km to the city of Canoa Quebrada. from there we will start the kite between flat and small waves. We sailed back to the Jaguaribe hotel for 15 kilometers, between dunes, wind farms and forest, one of the most incredible scenarios you can imagine. We finished kiting at the mouth of a strong river, where we will sail, if we are lucky with the right tide we will have good waves on the mouth of the river and when entering an incredible flat, where we will spend the night again at Jaguaribe lounge kite.

Distance: 15 kilometers of coastline.

Day 3 – We start at Rio Fortim, and cross the mouth of the river until we turn around a coast of beautiful stones to Praia do Pontal. It is a very special day, perhaps the best. We make the magic river again, and we surf small and beautiful waves, along with some stretches of flat sandbanks. Night in Parajuru, Maré Alta pousada.

Distance: 15 kilometers of coast.

Day 4 – Navigation from Parajuru to Uruaú, another day with nice waves to surf with the kite. Canto Verde, Arios and Barra da Sucatinga. waves, cliffs, rocky shores with high waves await us, arrival at the Zebra Beach SPA hotel for dinner and overnight.

Distance: 35 kilometers of coast.

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