Surfin Sem Fim is an experience — it’s an experience made up of many different things. Grateful to be able to work with such great people, in amazing locations and with a sport that they’re passionate about, here’s a closer look at the team of passionate kitesurfers behind Surfin Sem Fim’s unique and exclusive trips:



Name: Marco Dalpozzo
Nationality: Italian
How you got into kiteboarding: Ex windsurfer who transfered from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro in 2005 feeling the need to learn one more wind-based sport and realized that Rio is better for wave kiting than windsurfing.
How you got involved in company: Passion for wind and nature.
Role in company: One of the owners.
What you love about kiteboarding/company: I love staying and having fun with friends in ocean. And the company allows me to say connected with friends and with passionate employees.
What passionate about: Wind – nature – people – friendship – discovering – adventure



Name: Jalila Paulino
Nationality: Brazilian
How you got into kiteboarding: I have started in the sport just like many women start: watching. I spent four years working in a kite club in Rio, organizing events and the club, falling in love with the sport and listening to kite stories. It was only after this period, when I moved to Jericoacoara, that I bought my own board and indulged in a passion for kiting.
How you got involved in company: I started this project in 2013 together with egroup company. Since the beginning of SSF, I was invited to move from Rio to Jeri to develop the business, map all territory and choose the best stops and everything indicates that it worked very well.
Role in company: Business developer, organizer and I like to make sure that all of the operations and logistics run smoothly and that everyone is happy.
What you love about kiteboarding/company: As a passionate kitesurfer and one of the leaders of SSF, I want to continue traveling more and more with friends in search of the best waves and wind around the world. SSF always has an experienced athlete that teaches you to improve exactly where you need to perform better. I’m fascinated by the modality in the waves and I have sailed in some of the best wave places in Brazil, Peru, Tarifa and Cape Verde, effortlessly playing in the waves, so this is a huge evolution for 5 years of kiting.
What you’re passionate about: The practice of downwinding in the northeast of Brazil gave me a great background because it gives access to different sailing conditions. I am very glad to work with SSF and be able to share all the experiences and memorable moments. I have been traveling with SSF and with other people and my goal is to be an example and surrounded by more courageous and committed women in order to to evolve the sport.



Name: Guilly Brandão
Nationality: Brazilian
How you got into kiteboarding: In 2001 after 2 years living in Australia I got back to my home town, Ilhabela, and a few of my friends were already kiting right in front of my home. The next day they put a 2 line kite in my hands and it was love at first pull.
How you got involved in company: After years competing and traveling around, I got invited to do one of the amazing downwinders during the very first days of Surfin Sem Fim. The feeling I got from that experience was something I had never experienced before, even after experiencing the thrills of wining contests and world titles. Then I was invited to become part of the company which made me very excited to work with a great team with the focus to spread the love and develop something we are all so passionate about.
Role in company: Partner, marketing developer, ambassador.
What you love about kiteboarding/company: First of all I love the team. Everyone involved in this project is a very special and professional human being. We all have the same shared passion and vision for the sport and for our products. I learn so much and have so much fun working with all of them. I also enjoy the opportunity to work with something that brings so much joy and special moments to people.
What you’re passionate about: I’m passionate about sports in general; on how sports and physical experiences can help us grow as human beings. Also how these experiences can be used as tools to help us shift our consciousness to put colourful lenses to witness the world around us.



Name: Andre Penna
Nationality: Brazilian
How you got into kiteboarding: First I was into sailboats, then windsurf. In 2009 I moved to Buzios, a very nice kite spot, where I got hooked by kitesurfing.
How you got involved in company: I started doing the routes solo, repeatedly. The people from the company heard about me, and invited me to work as a guide on one edition. That’s how it started.
Role in company: General manager, video maker and captain in the water.
What  you love about kiteboarding/company: It’s the best work ever, doing downwinders in such an amazing environment. Many times the clients say, “That was the best thing I did in my life!” That’s maximum realization for me. To do a trip of 500 kilometers on my surfboard is like a dream.
What you’re passionate about: I always loved natural environments since I was a little kid. The sea, mountains, forest, rivers—it’s all the best form of art ever! Art made by god. To be in the moment with nature is my passion, whether it be by kite, kayak, hiking, climbing or biking. The next chapter in my life will be paragliding.



Name: Bowen Dwelle
Nationality: American
How got into kiteboarding: I grew up in San Francisco, and learned many outdoor sports from a young age including skateboarding, sailing, scuba diving, backpacking and rock climbing. My dad bought an original Windsurfer in the late 70’s and I learned to sail that as a kid. One day I was cycling across the Golden Gate bridge and I saw someone riding the swells outside the bridge, their kite swooping beautifully from side to side as they were carving turns. I wanted to kite in the ocean and so I figured the best strategy would be to learn in the ocean and I managed to find someone to teach me at one of the many incredible spots on the California coast. It just so happens that my teacher then is now the current editor of The Kiteboarder Magazine.
What you love about kiteboarding/company:  I love being involved with Surfin Sem Fim because it’s a great example of a company that exists for the right reasons, and those reasons align very closely with my own core values and interests. A company exists to share something unique. In the case of Surfin Sem Fim, the “why” is to share what I call “Marco’s dream” — the feeling and the freedom of traveling in the ocean day after day, using the kite as your mode of transportation, not just as a way of seeing the world but as a unique way of being in the world.
What you’re passionate about: What I’ve learned is that passion doesn’t arrive, it arises from doing what is uniquely you. I’m still learning what I’m passionate about.



Name: Hammond Sale Jr. (Presuntinho as he’s called here in Brazil)
Nationality: American
How you got into kiteboarding: I first tried it when I was younger, on the island where I’m from. But I really got into it when I got to Brazil and started working with Surfin Sem Fim.
How you got involved in company: I was wondering around Rio de Janeiro, looking for a way to stay in Brazil and a friend of mine connected me with Marco Dalpozzo (SSF’s CEO). I started off just translating material for the website.
Role in company: I work in Marketing and Sales, but in a close company like this we are able to reach out and help each other in different areas.
What you love about kiteboarding/company: I love the kite culture—the people, the places and the good vibes. I think they all reflect the sport: peace and tranquility mixed with adventure and creativity.
What you’re passionate about: Good question. I’d say I’m passionate about traveling, experiences and people. I’m pretty passionate about Brazil too, in general.


Surfin Sem Fim offers Brazilian downwinders and coaching clinics around the globe

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