Andre Penna

set dates
NOV, 18 th  –  30 th

Full route: R$ 23.200

Until Atins: R$ 19.800

Sto. Amaro extension: R$ 3.400


600 km


Equipment possibilities

About the route

The name says it all: it is a long dream, to kitesurf from Cumbuco in Ceará, to the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. We experience different sections of this dreamy coast, from the more civilized Ceara, through the wild Parnaiba river delta, finishing in the amazing Lencois Maranhenses, with the option to extend to Santo Amaro, the most incredible region of the Lencois. 600 km on a kiteboard, and unforgettable experience!


Minimum of participants: 4

Day by day

Day 1:

Check in at Cumbuco, at Windtown beach.

Day 2:

Start in Cumbuco, pass through Taiba, Paracuru, Lagoinha and arrive at Guajiru. Very nice day for the waves.

Distance: 60 kilometers

Day 3:

Navigation from Guajiru to Icarai de Amontada. Another good day with waves. Sleep at Villa Mango.

Distance: 55 kilometers of coast.

Day 4:

Start in Icaraí de amontada, and kite though many rivers and mangroves, all the way to Arpoeiras. 

Distance: 55 kilometers.

Day 5:

Arpoeiras to Preá, a flat day. Sleep at the beautiful Rancho do Peixe

Distance 40 kilometers.

Day 6:

Start in Preá, kite around the Serrote hill, in Jericoacoara. After Jeri, we have a section with offshore wind, until the Guriu river. Stop to eat some sandwiches at Tatajuba, cross the Camocim river and arrive on Maceio, a beach 12 kilometers after Camocim. Expect strong winds on this day. Sleep at Vila Zen hotel.

Distance: 60 kilometers.

Day 7:

Kite from Maceio to Barra Grande. We cross from the state of Ceara to the state of Piaui. 

Distance: 52 kilometers.

Day 8:

Start in Barra Grande, kite around the harbour in Luis Correa, and stop at Pedra do Sal to have a snack. From this point, things get more exiting. We cross the Parnaiba river, and arrive at the stunning Poldros Island, where we spend the night. This hotel is a unique place, very special, a natural paradise.

Distance: 55 kilometers.

Day 9:

Cross the whole Parnaíba Delta, from Ilha dos Poldros to Tutóia. A day of pure untouched nature, good waves and flats. Sleep in Pousada Jagata.

Distance: 60 kilometers.

Day 10:

From Tutoia to Atins. We will kite along the pequenos Lencois, and arrive on the Preguica river mouth, where Atins is located. Atins is the beginning of the Lencois Maranhenses, this huge mass of sand dunes and fresh water lagoons.

Distance: 60 kilometers.

Days 11 to 13: Lençois Maranhenses optional extension

28/11/2023: Cross the whole Lencois Maranhenses, from Atins to Santo Amaro. We start in Atins, by the sea, and navigate approx. 25 kilometers. Then we go by car to the inland, to kite on the fresh water lagoons, and arrive in Santo Amaro kiting by the flooded fields, a unique experience This is very special day, when we will enjoy an awesome landscape, and remove the salt from ourselves and from the gear.

29/11/2023: Lencois Maranhenses days, when we will explore this awesome place, kiting on lagoons, lakes and flooded fields. This is an unique kitesurf experience, unforgettable, very special and unknown places to kite.

30/11/2023: Check out in the morning