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On this amazing route Uncharted Kite Sessions is stoked to again join forces with 3x World Wave Champion and Surfin Sem Fim head coach Guilly Brandão for what promises to be an amazing week of wave ride coaching while discovering the beauty of the Parnaiba Delta and Brazil.

After way too long away, Uncharted is very excited to finally journey back to Brazil this October 18th to 25th for what is always an incredible experience on our 5th annual down wind adventure from Prea to Atins.

On this amazing route Uncharted Kite Sessions is stoked to again join forces with 3x World Wave Champion and Surfin Sem Fim head coach Guilly Brandão for what promises to be an amazing week of wave ride coaching while discovering the beauty of the Parnaiba Delta and Brazil.

We will downwind across 3 states of Brazil; Piauí, Ceará and Maranhão. Along the route guests will have the freedom to ride alongside the coaches, allowing time for evaluation from the coaches. At rest stops Guilly and Uncharted will give you tips on where to improve, explanations on how to correct your technique, and what to focus on for the next 90 minutes of down winding. With no wasted upwind time, all you do is practice what you’re coached. After endless days on the board, we guarantee to fundamentally change the way you ride waves and improve your wave riding years in one week. Its like getting off the chair lift and never getting back on. It is the endless run. You cant help but improve. And with world class coaching, you will!

On this route, we will spend several days crossing the Parnaiba Delta as we make our way to the world famous Lençois Maranhenses dunes & lagoons. Well rest our heads at sublime pousadas like Ilha dos Poldros, Rancho Do Peixe, and BGK, among others. All while downwinding in this amazing natural environment.

Across this section of northern Brazil the landscape changes tremendously from start to finish as this is the transition area between the dry northeast region, to the wet and green Amazon basin. As civilization becomes scarcer, well encounter more rivers, dunes, mangroves, forests and wildlife.

This trip is geared towards intermediate to advanced riders who have experience in 1m to 2m waves and are progressing with wave riding; who have done multiple downwinders; who are confident of their ability to kite for at least 3 to 4 hours per day; and can ride toe-side for medium distances. Although most days will be around 50km of down wind riding, there are two +60km days that will test the limits of the most experienced kiters. Like heli skiing in Alaska, this is a once in a lifetime trip that requires preparation. But the reward is something of wonder.

There is a reason why we only do one down wind adventure per year, and why we specifically choose this route. You wont find another kiting and coaching adventure like this on the planet. Join Uncharted Kite Sessions in Brazil for a transformative kite surfing experience that youll cherish for the rest of your life.

Day by day

Check in – Rancho Do Peixe in Preá

First evaluation sessions and welcome dinner in the evening.

Preá to Camocim (60km)

Start in Preá, kite around the Serrote hill, in Jericoacoara. After Jeri, we have a section with offshore wind, until the Guriu river. We stop to eat sandwiches and rehydrate in Tatajuba. After a quick rest we cross the Camocim river and arrive on Maceio, a beach 12 kilometers after Camocim. Expect strong winds on this day. Our day ends at the sublime Vila Zen.

Camocim to Barra Grande (52km)

We kite from Maceio to Barra Grande, crossing from the state of Ceara to the state of Piaui. Barra Grande is a charming little kite town that has developed quickly due to kiting, but has still kept its charm. We have a delicious meal in town and we rest our heads at pousada BGK where we hang with Brazilian surfing legend Rato Fernandez.

Barra Grande to Ilha dos Poldros (55km)

We start in Barra Grande, kite around the harbour of Luis Correa, after which we come across brilliant waves in the bay of Correa. After Correa we stop at Pedra do Sal to have a snack, and session some more great waves. On the descent to the Poldros, these can be the biggest waves of the trip. Be prepared to experience the marvellous Delta do Panaíba and the challenge of nature. Its an amazing environment in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. It is truly unique, very remote and simply astonishing. Here you get a taste of what its like to be right in the middle of the Delta, with rivers snaking through the live dunes and wildlife everywhere. We rest our heads and have a delicious dinner at the magical Ilha dos Poldros hotel.

Magic river (25km)

We start in front of Poldros island, kite approximately seven kilometers down wind, walk over the dunes towards the jungle to find a beautiful river that runs parallel with the coast. We navigate for 10 kilometers inside the river that provides an unparalleled backdrop for our adventure, slowly finding passage back to the ocean. We finish the day in the river mouth Barra do Caju, where a boat will meet us and take us back to Ilha Dos Poldros for a fantastic dinner. If we are lucky, well catch a glimpse of the famous Guarás birds.

Ilha dos Poldros to Barra da Melancieria (60km)

These last two days are the best waves of the whole route. Starting in front of Poldros we cross the whole delta kitesurfing. The first leg goes until just before the Barra do Caju (15km), well take a break for some snacks and hydration. The second leg will take us to Barra da Melancieria (25km) where we have a 2nd recharge for the final push to Tutoia, where we stay at the legendary pousada Jagata.

Tutóia to Atins (60km)

Saving the best for last, this day is full of incredible waves and stunning flat water lagoons. Paradise lost. Passing Arpoador beach, Paulino Neves, the Small Lencois, and well visit mankind’s missing link in the Praia do Barro Vermelho; finally arriving in Atins to a heroes welcome at pousada Lagoa Do Vento.

Check Out

Closing of the program and check out at pousada Lagoa Do Vento. Enjoy your last morning with the breeze in your hair and the sand at your feet. This paradise will be waiting for your return.

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