Delta Poldros – Wave Coaching


Guilly Brandão

set dates
SEP, 26 th – OCT, 01 st

R$ 12.600,00


15 – 30 km / day


Equipment possibilities

About the route

This is a trip focused on Wave Riding and downwind coaching, through the most amazing stretches of the Parnaíba Delta. The largest Delta in the Americas has created incredible conditions for kite sailing on the waves, on this route we will enjoy the best stretches of this region, which provides high quality Wave Riding and one of the most surreal views in all of the Land of the Wind.

A route for those who prefer shorter stretches, with more focus on wave riding and performance. With a slower rhythm, without the need to complete a challenging distance.

Similar to our Delta Experience route, but with the added benefits of Coaching, video and photo analysis, and a guarantee that you will leave a more skilled and confident kitesurfer!

You will get to know two of the treasures of Brazil during this route; The Delta of Parnaiba, the largest delta system in the Americas filled with amazing wildlife and scenery and optionally the National Park of Lençois Maranhenses, with its amazing white dunes and freshwater lagoons.

Every day of the trip will begin with breakfast at 7.30 or 8am, please have your belongings already organized and bags packed and ready when we meet for breakfast. Shortly after there will be a daily briefing that will explain the days route, conditions, hazards and highlights of the downwind by the captain, and any important logistical information for the day. It is also a good chance to ask any questions you may have.

We will have a daily, detailed video review with Guilly, to analyse the images from the day before and get tips from the coach

After the briefing we will leave our luggage at the reception for our drivers (please, ask at front desk for help if needed) to be packed into the vehicles, please ensure this is done promptly as it allows us to be ready to go as soon as the wind conditions are right. At 10am we will be on the beach ready to go. 

It is important that all belongings are clearly tagged with your name, to ensure we can organize your bags to the rooms where possible. It is important that nothing is left in the rooms and that all belongings are together in the reception at this time.

You can separate your small bags (with computers, cameras, passports, money, cards) to go inside the car. Our kite gear and other equipment will have to go outside of the car or in trailers.


Please ensure you organize your arrival and departure transport with our staff well before the start of the trip. We offer reliable and comfortable 4×4 transfers from Fortaleza or Parnaiba airport and from Atins to Sao Luis Airport (speak with our staff for prices and duration information) 

Please contact at  to arrange!

Day by day

Day 01:

Poldros Arrival – 19:30 fraternization dinner

Day 02:

07:30 Breakfast
09:00 briefing

11:00 Downwind in Poldros waves – Barra do Caju 20km

On this downwind ride, there are 20km of wave riding with onshore side wind and fun waves from half to one meter along the entire route. Along the way, we will have Guilly capturing images with the Gopro from underwater and a videographer on land.

15:00 Lunch at a restaurant on the riverside.

17:00 Return to the lodge by speedboat along the wonderful paths in the igarapés.

Day 03:

07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Video analysis of images from the previous day and briefing.

11:00 Downwind Colts – Barra da Melancieira 44km

We repeated the previous day’s stretch by adding a surreal river mouth crossing, over 5km long, followed by another 17km stretch of pure wave riding.

15:00 Return to the inn through the wonderful paths through the Igarapés.

20:00 Special dinner on Ilha dos Poldros

Day 04:

07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Video analysis of images from the previous day and briefing.

11:00 Downwind Poldros – Barra do Cajú 20km

On this day we will do 8km taking advantage of the sea waves and then we will cross the dunes with kites in the sky, meeting the famous Braço do Feijão also known as “Magic River”. singular.

In this stretch it is common to hear the comment “that was the best sailing of my life”! :))

Day 05:

07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Video analysis of images from the previous day and briefing.

11:00 Downwind Colts – Tutoia 61km

On the last day of donwind there will be many km of sailing and “Surfin Sem Fim” through the incredible wave riding conditions of the Delta do Parnaíba, an ideal stretch to put into practice the teachings of the first days and create a greater connection between sailor and equipment.

In addition to the wave riding sections, three challenging and majestic river mouth crossings.

We will arrive in Tutóia for the last night of the trip at the simple and comfortable Pousada Jagatá.

20:00 Fellowship dinner

Day 6: Checkout