Guilly Brandão

set dates
SEP, 10 th – 16 th

R$ 10.300,00


130 km


Equipment possibilities

About the route

This route selects the amazing wave locations from our famous Delta Route, and focuses on learning and improving, especially on the waves, but also on advanced downwind techniques from 3x world champion kitewave magician Guilly Brandão.

A route for those who prefer shorter stretches, with more focus on wave riding and performance. With a slower rhythm, without the need to complete a challenging distance.

Similar to our Delta Experience route, but with the added benefits of Coaching, video and photo analysis, and a guarantee that you will leave a more skilled and confident kitesurfer!

You will get to know two of the treasures of Brazil during this route; The Delta of Parnaiba, the largest delta system in the Americas filled with amazing wildlife and scenery and optionally the National Park of Lençois Maranhenses, with its amazing white dunes and freshwater lagoons.

Every day of the trip will begin with breakfast at 7.30 or 8am, please have your belongings already organized and bags packed and ready when we meet for breakfast. Shortly after there will be a daily briefing that will explain the days route, conditions, hazards and highlights of the downwind by the captain, and any important logistical information for the day. It is also a good chance to ask any questions you may have.

We will have a daily, detailed video review with Guilly, to analyse the images from the day before and get tips from the coach

After the briefing we will leave our luggage at the reception for our drivers (please, ask at front desk for help if needed) to be packed into the vehicles, please ensure this is done promptly as it allows us to be ready to go as soon as the wind conditions are right. At 10am we will be on the beach ready to go. 

It is important that all belongings are clearly tagged with your name, to ensure we can organize your bags to the rooms where possible. It is important that nothing is left in the rooms and that all belongings are together in the reception at this time.

You can separate your small bags (with computers, cameras, passports, money, cards) to go inside the car. Our kite gear and other equipment will have to go outside of the car or in trailers.


Please ensure you organize your arrival and departure transport with our staff well before the start of the trip. We offer reliable and comfortable 4×4 transfers from Fortaleza or Parnaiba airport and from Atins to Sao Luis Airport (speak with our staff for prices and duration information) 

Please contact at  to arrange!

Day by day

Check in – Parnaiba (Vila Itaqui)

 Welcome to Parnaiba! We will have a welcome meeting and a great dinner at 7pm. Please make sure all bags and kite bags are tagged with your name on check in. (Vila Itaqui)

Vila Itaqui to Ilha Dos Poldros (39kms)

Every day we will start with breakfast and a daily briefing that will explain the days route, hazards, highlights and any important logistical information.

Our first downwind stretch will be of around 24km from Vila Itaqui to Pedra do Sal, a mix of pure downwind and wave riding on fun yet challenging conditions .

After a snack at Pedra do Sal, we continue on a downwinder for 15km on the waves, focusing on the amazing section before our arrival to Ilha Dos Poldros

Be prepared to experience the marvelous Delta do Parnaíba. It’s an amazing environment in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. We stay the night at Ilha dos Poldros private hotel. It is truly unique, very remote and simply AMAZING. Here you get a taste of what it’s like to be right in the middle of the Delta, with rivers snaking through the dunes and wildlife everywhere. Dinner at 7h30pm. (Ilha dos Poldros)

Poldros to Caju (20km)

Guests often mention this area of the coast as their best kite day ever, it involves 7kms of dedicated wave riding before we cross into a river system with towering dunes on one side and Amazonian jungle on the other, where we focus on advanced downwind techniques, looping, and fast flat water riding until Barra Do Caju. We go for fresh catches of seafood local snacks, before we take a boat into the river system of the delta, to experience the roosting of the Guara, a natural phenomenon famous in the area, After that an 1 hr boat ride trough Igarapés, narrow river arms that go bending along the amazing forest all the way back to the Island of Poldros (Night at Poldros).

Ilha dos Poldros to Melancieira (40km)

It is important to have your bags ready and at the entrance early, as they will need to be taken to the port. We can take to the beach a selection of two kite sizes to choose once we are on the beach.

Today we focus on waves!

For the first stretch we repeat the wave section until Barra Do Caju (15kms), where we have a break for refreshments. The second stretch we will cross a big river mouth (6km) of super choppy water and then we meet insane conditions for wave riding and downwind along the secluded beaches until Barra da Melancieira.  (19km)

From there a boat will take us through the forest to Tutoia, where we will have a great dinner and rest at the simple but very comfortable Pousada Jagata (Tutoia).

Tutoia to Barro Vermelho (40km)

Early morning briefing and breakfast before leaving Tutoia. The next stretch has some amazing waves and tidal lagoons.

After 15kms we reach another wave highlight of the Delta region, where we will take advantage of the pointbreak and pause for refreshment and snacks. Another 25 km of amazingly fun wave riding conditions and we reach the endless windmills of Barra Vermelho, from there we jump on the car and then take a boat through the lazy river to the small village of Atins, on the doorstep of Lençois Maranhenses.

 Here we will have a great dinner at 7pm in the charming sandy streets of the village, overnight at  the amazing beachfront bungalows of (Muita Paz).

Atins to Lençois Maranhense (15kms)

The final day takes us into the world famous Lençois Maranhenses national park, by kite! We leave the Atins river and play on the waves around the point for around 15km  before navigating into the park, where we meet the car, which takes us through towering dunes where we encounter the amazing freshwater lagoons, where we can kite or swim and enjoy the perfect ending to out trip with the unforgettable sunset and an amazing dinner in the village of Atins (Muita Paz).

Check out Atins 

 Final breakfast at Muita Paz, Check out by noon.

Atins is another truly unique and beautiful spot. Lagoa do Vento makes for an incredible place to relax under the stars at the end of the trip. You might want to stay an extra night to enjoy the incredibly remote, unique, tranquil and beautiful surroundings.

Thank you for allowing us to take you on this incredible experience, you can already start organizing your next Surfin Sem Fim Adventure in this beautiful and unique part of the world!