Wave Riding Coaching Trip


Guilly Brandão

set dates

OCT, 12 th  –  17 th


R$ 10.500,00


30 km


Equipment possibilities

About the route

This is a trip focused on coaching for Wave Riding and downwind kiting. We will start in Taíba, which is the best wave spot in Ceará and we will take advantage of the excellent downwinds in the surroundings to practice some wave riding. Optimizing practice and evolution.

This is a route for the ones who want to take their wave riding or downwind skills to the next level. Picking the best stretches of wave riding on the classic coast, we focus on a very personal and detailed coaching program, with super fun and challenging conditions to those surf lovers. 

Every day of the trip will begin with breakfast at 8am.

There will be a daily briefing that will explain the days route, conditions, hazards and highlights of the downwind by the coach.

We will have a daily, detailed video review with Guilly Brandão, to analyse the images from the day before and get tips from the coach.

Please ensure you organize your arrival and departure transport with our staff well before the start of the trip. We offer reliable and comfortable 4×4 transfers from Fortaleza or Parnaiba airport and from Atins to Sao Luis Airport (speak with our staff for prices and duration information) 

Please contact at info@surfinsemfim.com.br  to arrange!

Day by day

Day 01: 

Arrival Taiba and check in at Pousada Vila Marola – 

19:30 group dinner

Day 02:

07:30 Breakfast
09:00 briefing 

11:00 Downwind on Taiba waves – Paracuru 15km

This downwind is 15km of wave riding with onshore side wind and waves up to 1.5 meters, very fun on the route. Along the way we will have Guilly filming with the Gopro from inside the water for analysis.

After the downwind we will have a snack and debriefing,  followed by a second session in the waves of Taíba capturing images from the shore 

Day 03: 

07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Video analysis of images from the previous day and briefing.

11:00 Departure by car to Pecém; if the conditions are right we will do a session in Pecém followed by a downwind from Pecém to Taíba (15km), in a very fun stretch for kitewave.

Snack and debriefing, and one more session on the waves of Taíba.

Day 04:

07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Video analysis of images from the previous day and briefing.

11:00 Downwind Cumbuco –Taíba 30km

Another stretch with lots of fun on the waves, a little longer than the previous trips in order to make the most of the time on the board and into practice the tips and techniques passed along in by the coaches.

Day 05:

07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Video analysis of images from the previous day and briefing.

11:00 Downwind Taiba – Guajiru 45km 

On the last day of downwinds there will be many kilometers sailing and “Surfin Sem Fim” for the incredible conditions of wave riding. The first stretch will be Taíba – Paracuru (15km) Break for snack and hydration, and then another 30 kilometer leg between Paracuru and Guajiru, a stretch with fun conditions for wave riding.

Check in at the Vila Vagalume inn on Guajiru beach.

20:00 group dinner

Step 6: Checkout