Coaching Guajiru

Guajiru – CE

Guilly Brandão

set dates

Aug, 12 th  –  17 TH

R$ 10.800


40 km


Equipment possibilities

About the route

This is a route for the ones who want to take their wave riding or downwind skills to the next level. Picking the best stretches of wave riding on the classic coast, we focus on a very personal and detailed coaching program, with super fun and challenging conditions to those surf lovers.
Every day of the trip will begin with breakfast at 8am.
There will be a daily briefing that will explain the days route, conditions, hazards and highlights of the downwind by the coach.
We will have a daily, detailed video review with Guilly Brandão, to analyse the images from the day before and get tips from the coach.

Day by day

Day 1 – Check in – Vila Vagalume (Guajiru) 

Welcome to Guajiru, a super fun kiting spot with a variety of conditions that suit many styles. We stay at Vila Vagalume, a very nice and comfortable pousada located right on the sand, here will be our base for the next days to explore the area on great wave riding downwinds. 

Day 2 – Lagoinha – Guajiru (15km)

Every day we will start with breakfast and a daily briefing that will explain the days route, hazards, highlights as well as the main techniques that will be used to ride on the day ahead. 

For our first downwind we jump on the car and drive up for around 15km. Rig our kites and enjoy a super fun and playful stretch with nice small waves and great wind direction to push ourselves on the water. 

We arrive back at Vila Vagalume, were we can jump on the pool, relax a bit and have lunch or some snacks. For the afternoon we do a session right in front of the pousada, while our coach shoot images from the sand to be used on the next day video review.

Day 3 – Rio Curú – Guajiru (30km )

After our daily video review and coaching session we jump on the car again to go up to the Rio Curú beach, adding extra 15km of amazing wave riding to the route from the day before. 

First stretch we will ride from Rio Curú to Lagoinha (15km) we do a quick stop for refreshment and some on spot tips and follow along all the way to Gaujiru (15km). 

If there’s energy left on the tank another session in front of the pousada is an option to enjoy the sunset inside the water.

Day 4 – Taiba – Lagoinha (32km)

We go a bit further on the 3rd  day of riding, all the way up to Taiba beach, where we find probably the biggest waves on this stretch of coast. For the first part of the day we ride downwin enjoying the amazing wave conditions for around 16km until the world wide famous Paracuru. We do a stop for snacks and refreshments, then we leave for another 16km of wave riding fun all the way to Lagoinha. For those who still have gas on the tank we can go all the way to Guajiru (15km) on the water, putting everything we’ve been absorbing into practice. 

Day 5 – Up to be decided by the group

On the final day we have the option to either repeat one of the stretches of the previous days, or go downwind straight from the pousada to Baleia Beach (30km). This will be the day to gather all the techniques and tips learned so far and go all out for the final downwind wave riding letting it all on the line and having the most fun ever on the waves!

Day 6 – check-out

Our final breakfast together and the chance to take all the videos and photos taken trough those exciting days of action. With many great memories and a new level of riding we all go home high on the vibes of this great experience. 


Please ensure you organize your arrival and departure transport with our staff well before the start of the trip. We offer reliable and comfortable 4×4 transfers from Fortaleza or Parnaiba airport and from Atins to Sao Luis Airport (speak with our staff for prices and duration information) 

Please contact at  to arrange!