Cumbuco > Preá

Gleison Monteiro

set dates

NOV, 22 th  –  27 th 



260 km


Equipment possibilities

About the route

The name says all! The Classic!!! This route is a great way to experience the “Terra do Vento” for the first time. You will find some nice small to medium size waves during the downwind in places like Taíba, Paracuru, Guajiru, Baleia and others, also beautiful and colorful fisherman villages, charming hotels and delicious local Brazilian food.

Day by day

Day 1 – Check in at Cumbuco

Check in at and have a welcome meeting at 3PM to get to know the group, check your equipment and even test out the water and conditions! Welcome dinner around 7pm and overnight stay in Cumbuco. 

Day 2 – Cumbuco to Guajirú

We will meet for breakfast at 8:00am and have a briefing around 9:00am. This will be done every day and is very important to share details of the route, specific risks or cautious areas and define stop in our strategic meeting points and check important points. Please take all luggage and personal belongings to reception straight after the briefing, these will be loaded onto the cars, your kite equipment will be at the kite storage area at the beach area and will be loaded into the cars from there. We leave whenever the wind starts blowing in the morning. 

Day 3 – Guajirú to Icaraizinho

Usually the 4×4 follows the group during the whole way to Icaraizinho but depending on the tide condition where the rivers meets the ocean, we may have no access by car. Passing through Flexeiras, Mundaú and Baleia, spectacular beaches surrounded by red rocks and palm trees will take your breath away. 

Day 4 – Icaraizinho to Ilha do Guajirú

After breakfast and the morning meeting we will continue to the famous kite lagoon at Ilha do Guajiru. Here, the rivers meet the sea and only you and your kite can pass through to the beach. Every year thousands of kiters flock to this amazing 4km long 1km wide lagoon. 

Day 5 – Ilha do Guajirú to Preá

Breakfast and briefing session as usual and then enjoy a magic ride all the way to the amazing Preá beach. The Rancho do Peixe team is waiting for the group with a special welcome. 

Day 6 – Check out – Preá

Final breakfast at Rancho do Peixe, Check out by noon.

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