Classic Route – NOV

NOV, 22 nd  –  27 th

The name says all! The Classic!!! This route is a great way to experience the “Terra do Vento” for the first time. You will find some nice small to medium size waves during the downwind in places like Taíba, Paracuru, Guajiru, Baleia and others, also beautiful and colorful fisherman villages, charming hotels and delicious local Brazilian food.

SSF Long Dream – NOV

NOV, 18 th  –  30 th

The name says it all: it is a long dream, to kitesurf from Cumbuco in Ceará, to the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. We experience different sections of this dreamy coast, from the more civilized Ceara, through the wild Parnaiba river delta, finishing in the amazing Lencois Maranhenses, with the option to extend to Santo Amaro, the most incredible region of the Lencois. 600 km on a kiteboard, and unforgettable experience!