Paolo Piatti


One of the God fathers, Paolo Piatti brings life to SSF. Italian born and raised, he gets the job done! His dynamic with Marco Dalpozzo had led SSF to where it is today; thanks Paolo!!

Silmara Ambrósio


Silmara has masterfully embraced our operation since the beginning of our history, we often lack words to describe the love we all share for her. While our captains have the ability to sail through unknown seas, Silmara certainly has the ability to make everyone follow along within our purpose.

Patricia Calderón


Brazilian, deeply in love with Ceará and its wonders like the wind and the beaches, Patrícia knows our essence very well and embraces it with all her professionalism. She embodies our team as responsible for our image in the media and public relations.

Studio Peixe


A group of artists and professionals with diverse experiences, who believe in art, design and the human ability to tell stories, create content and smart solutions in different areas of the branding.

Luísa Monte


She left the big city in the past in order to live in a fishing village, next to the most beautiful beaches and the wind of Ceará. Carioca with a Ceará soul, Luísa is responsible for showing, through marketing, the core of the experience of sailing and knack from Terra do Vento.