The SSF Coaching Trip to Pacasmayo with Guilly Brandão on its 4th consecutive year is quickly becoming a classic.

I had the chance to join another group of kiters who are driven by the ecstasy of riding waves and the satisfaction of improving their skills. I had the pleasure of helping them make the most out of their experience riding the leg-burning lefts of Peru.

Different from the other years, we didn’t score any big swells— but the conditions were far from ordinary, as the medium sized waves were still rolling in perfectly and making the Pacasmayo playground even more suitable to play, practice new techniques, and progress.

For me, playing more of an instructional role is a different and awesome way to enjoy my time at this place. I’ve surfed here for many years in a row, exploring the potential of my skills and focusing on developing my own personal level. To see others and to show them the methods and shortcuts to achieve their goals on the waves is a very satisfying process. At this place, especially, where there’s a lot of opportunities to try out the techniques and tips that were given on every single wave, making it almost guaranteed that considerable progression will be made.

Every “eureka” moment that I’m able to be a part of feels as if I’m going trough the thrill of my own progression again. The same good feeling is when a new guest arrives, and they see the perfect lines rolling in for the first time; when we’re by the pool with a Cusqueña in hand, after a day where everything connected and they had the session of their lives.

Once again I finish a trip full of gratitude, thankful for the opportunity and trust given to our team to be a part of this incredible experience. With such a special people it’s assured that all of us have carved memories and rides for life!

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