Santiago, Chile – “El Comienzo”

I arrived a day early and went to get to know some of the city, passing the Bela Vista patio, where there were many restaurants that were already full at 3pm. During carnaval there is a party in the streets of Santiago. I took the opportunity to visit our friend Michel’s NautiSports store, where you can buy good equipment and wetsuits.


There are many interesting attractions in Santiago like bike tours, visiting the nearby wineries like Concha and Toro, see the sun set from a revolving restaurant at the top of the Costanera Center Mall, and the Valle Nevado in the summer is also a great experience.

Taking a yoke (wheat) with huesillo (peach) is a tradition in the Central Market, Palacio de la Moneda, Catedral Metropolitana and Plaza das Armas.


Exploring the wonderful Cajón del MaipoEmbalse del Yeso (Cordileira dos Andes) at 1:30 from Santiago with its colorful and enchanting mountains, still with traces of snow must be part of the itinerary.


Day 01 – The Meeting

We booked the meeting inside Santiago airport in the restaurant that served a good variety of food called “Le Fournil”. We met our friend from Chile, GiBran, and rented a 4×4 for the trip. At the meeting we shared the anxiety and joy of the trip that was just begging. We arrived at the airport at 4pm and we had a 2 hour trip to Matanza beach, where we were bringing plenty of gear and a big car.


The route to Matanza presented us with unique landscapes, passing by Rapel, and arriving at 6pm where we could see the swell that was waiting for us. This moment brought us all smiles.


The Surazo Hotel (surazo = wind from the south) has some unique characteristics: In addition to the exceptional gastronomy, its interesting architecture, developed by the owner himself, sends you to a comfortable environment that makes you feel at home. There is a  massage service and acupuncture available with the friendly Isabela, as well as a warm jacuzzi, pool and sauna. In the room we found appetizers: some conchayuyo sliced ​​- which is a novelty crunchy seaweed, with good wines and mouthwatering entrees like octopus ceviche and grilled octopus that left us with a craving for more when we arrived at the restaurant. It was there that we met the beautiful Eugenia, the Swiss / Chilean hostess of Hotel Surazo, who welcomed us with a charming smile and indicated the best tours, dishes and wines of the region. As a welcome drink we had the traditional Pisco sauer.


The beach of Matanza is a small village with few restaurants and several condominiums with very similar architecture. The style of the houses left us enchanted, and the night presented to us a beautiful moon and many stars. There were some surfing, kite and windsurfing schools where it was possible to rent equipment as well.


Day 2 – No wind, no problem: 

Surf: We were a group of 7 people: I, Guilly, two from Santa Catarina, two Paulistas, and a very funny Argentine. We stayed in front of the hotel and had some good times to get used to the water. There were some good waves and the fun was already beginning. It’s always good to familiarize with the conditions, currents and nature. It’s also known that the famous long algae (conchayuyo) can tangle up with you if you’re not careful.


Guilly’ ripping the waves


The late afternoon was a love affair with the jacuzzi and beers awaiting us.

O fim de tarde foi um caso de amor a parte com a jacuzzi e cervezas nos aguardando.


Day 3 – No wind, no problem part 2

We woke up to enjoy Surazo’s wonderful breakfast- first the fruit salad stuffed with red fruits and then the famous tuna (fruit of a local cactus), as well as orange juice, coffee, delicious cake, scrambled eggs, avocado, breads, jelly , ham and cheese. The trip was named by the group as Guillermo’s gastronomic tour. We were in search of new experiences in the Chilean waves: Pichilemu – La Pontilla – Punta Lobos that made us celebrate once again and already surprised us with the variety of waves, including the destination of Punta Lobos that was once the stage of the big wave championship. We arrived with very good waves and the day was intense. The Chileans are very polite and caring, always willing to help. The children have a particular beauty, and smile at just the meeting of the eyes. The economy is based on the export of a variety of things, like grapes, avocados, well-known wines, as well as  copper and nickel. It has enough production of fish meal for animal feed, in addition to the tourism that helps out the local economy.



Day 4 – No wind, no problem part 3

We woke up and the sea was already powerful, so we decided to leave for Puertecillo! We were all happy in the car because we knew what was coming. Upon arriving at the beach we found a charming bar that we could stop and eat something. There were perfect waves breaking without end straight ahead. On the way back we got to see Pupuya, a very beautiful long beach that has the restaurant, bar, and kite storage – La Lobera. There were a lot of good wave on this day, and a 4mm wetsuit held off the cold well, so the fun lasted at least 4 hours.



Day 5 – Briefing day

After breakfast, we started the day with a little wind forecast and all went to the TV room for the first official briefing on the conditions and techniques of kiting with a video and Guilly’s tips. We went to Roca Cuadrada but the wind was still weak.. Some came with a 12 kite, but we didn’t have much success.



Day 6 – Roça Cuadrada On Fire.

We already woke up prepared for the big day. The afternoon put on a show with great waves and a lot of wind. The waves were about 3m and the wind was pumping, so nobody wanted to leave! Sailing kites 7, 9 was perfect and everybody was filled with joy and excitement to kite in these extreme conditions. 🙂




Day 7 – Another memorable day.

With smaller waves but with a lot of wind, the kiting was perfect until the end of the afternoon, everyone evolved with the tips from Guilly and it was gratifying to participate in such an exciting group! We learned a lot and took the opportunity to make new friends. The trip showed us how great it is to share experiences with new friends who are in search of the same pleasure that is kiting and surfing good waves in great company.



Text and Photos:

Jalila Paulino

Egroup & Surfin Sem Fim

Chile, Matanza y arredores — 25 Fevereiro a 04 Março, 2017

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