Mitu Monteiro with his f-one

The wind that hit my face, the sand that blows around, the water, that special sound- I close my eyes and I can feel it. It’s these images that take me to paradise, and this is how they live on the coast that runs along the beaches of Cumbuco to Preá. It is not a dream, it is completely real.

The story I am going to tell is not about a kiter, but about someone, who without experience in the activity, discovered a new world in a place that seems enchanted. The beaches of northern Brazil have something special, perhaps the nine months in which the wind blows without stopping give the place a very particular energy, unlike anywhere else.

My name is Alexandra, but they call me Alex, and I’m a sports journalist. When they called me to cover a Surfin Sem Fim route, I started reading about the place, and researching the discipline. I put a bag together, being just to pack a camera and recorder. Surely there were many stories to tell, but above all, a new experience was emerging.

Classic Route, a six-day adventure following one of the most incredible kitesurfers in the world, Mitu Monteiro. If I could describe it in one word I would say: extraterrestrial. Mitu and his board are seemingly one, it’s impossible not to admire the crazy things he does in the water, surfing the waves with simplicity. His jumps can be up to more than 20 meters high, and he kites at extreme speeds and moves with total dexterity. Everyone turns to observe the golden mane that accompanies each of his movements. He was chosen to accompany this team, and more than 15 people from different parts of the world were united by the same passion: kitesurfing.

f-ones on the sky

The most incredible part of all is that in this great adventure you not only experience the thrill of sport, but you travel through wonderful places. The lodgings are luxurious, and the native food is delicious. Every night, after traveling many kilometers, everyone begins to share stories, listening to all the anecdotes and enjoy every little moment. This is what experience is all about, an extraordinary adventure that not only mixes sport and nature, but also creates connections with people who, otherwise, you may never know.

Tribe Surfin Sem Fim

After living such an adventure from outside, of course it awoke in me a great curiosity about the activity.. Why do people travel to this place with their kite, their board, and their bags? What could be so special about it? The only way to find out is being encouraged to be part of the adventure.


Surfin Sem Fim we will meet again, in the not too distant future.

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