“Passion is stronger than knowledge,” is the phrase with which we could describe André Penna and so many others who discovered the Kite lifestyle, who were encouraged to break through barriers and go beyond limits. I invite you to read the interview of an explorer that made history in recent years.

André Penna is one of the captains of Surfin Sem Fim and has been part of the team for three years, but the interesting thing is not only what he is doing now, but what he was doing before Surfin Sem Fim. His life was always behind a computer, because he is a professional Systems Analyst and Programmer.

Why Kitesurf?

I like adrenaline and variety. Kiting is sensational because it gives you the possibility to do different disciplines like freestyle, jumping and pirouettes, and on the other hand you can go very fast and kite in the waves. It’s like  you can fly, run, and surf with all of the same equipment.


Have you always enjoyed the adventure?

Before kiting I did many expeditions like climbing or hiking, I really enjoyed going to different islands and exploring everywhere. Then I discovered that I could do those same trips on a kite board.


Have you ever imagined that you would travel around these places with a Kite?

If someone told me 20 years ago that one day I could do a 600km trip on a kite board, I would not believe it.

600 KM?

Yes, that’s the distance from Taíba to Atins, all on a kite board. Surfin Sem Fim offers this route.

When I traveled alone, I was able to experience land experiences with the locals. It is amazing to be able to share moments of solitude in these places with my little backpack and enjoy the hospitality of the local people. They are pure love and welcome you as if you are one of them.


Why is Surfin Sem Fim special?

Northern Brazil is perfect for a long downwinds: the constant wind, the sandy beaches, the waves are not too big, and the water is warm. At SSF, we have two guides and one pro rider in the water. For me, the quality of service is improving and this is due to the experience we have, we know the coast well, and each year we seek to evolve with the service we offer.


How does Surfin Sem Fim differ?

The logistics team we have responds quickly and effectively. If we have any problems with any of the kiters, it is resolved quickly. We have three devices: satellite phone and two satellite messaging communicators from different companies because if there is a serious problem, we need to keep communicating.

And the food? Is it good?

Yes, the restaurants are very good! SSF participants can enjoy local and super-abundant meals. Also, the quality of the hotels is excellent.


Is it true that you like to sleep in a hammock?

It’s a secret (laughs). I’m so used to it that when we’re at the hotels, I’ll be looking for a place where I can hang my “bed” and get a good night’s rest.


What experience is required to do a downwind?

The level is relative because it depends on the amount of sailing you’ve done. For example, a person who kites every weekend for a year is already able to do the Classic Route or Delta Route.

What do you like best about SSF?

I’d say, the many friendships that are made here. You meet people from all over the world who are completely different but who have a common passion for KITE. Everything flows naturally, the conversations are always interesting and after 5 or 6 days of traveling together, a friendship is formed. When the route ends, you know you’re going to miss them! We share many moments together, but the good news is that most of them come back every year. So it’s not a farewell, but a “see you soon”.

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