Andre Penna, kiteboarding and hydrofoil fanatic, is preparing to start one of the biggest adventures of his life: long-distance kiteboarding.

André is a carioca, currently 44, he’s a captain of Surfin Sem Fim, and, as an experienced kiter he decided to overcome not only his limits, but also the greatest milestone already achieved in long distance kitesurfing.

In 2010, the New Zealander, Louis Tapper, covered about 2,000 km in 33 days. A great kite trip along the coast of Brazil. He left Salvador – BA and went to São Luís – MA kiting along our coast, with only his kite, board and a backpack.

The Brazilian athlete wants to bring this accomplishment home! André prepared himself, waited for the right moment, and is now for this transformative experience: “Despite anxiety, I believe that this is the moment in my life for me to accomplish this. I am prepared physically and mentally for adversity and personal transformation… this inevitably happens along the way! I’m already beginning to understand that the key word will be: patience. Everything in the rhythm that nature dictates “- reflects the adventurer.

The idea is to leave Salvador – Bahia, a destination where the wind starts to blow a little better to make the expedition viable, and go to the Maranhão Reentrancias, in Maranhão, a paradise located about 150km after São Luís, almost in the state of Pará.

That way, he would break the record! More than 2,200km of kiting: just a man and his kite!

Surfin Sem Fim will follow a some of his adventure. We will be in contact with the athlete as long as possible, sharing with world and providing support.

André, you’ve got this! Mother Nature will take care of you on the way and we, lovers of sport and wind, are here to support  you with a lot of positive vibe!

Photo: Bruna Arcangelo Toledo

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