After a day remapping of the route, a lot of exchanging of ideas, a last minute check-up of everything, and some great expectations, the seven riders of our route Ultra Man finally departed for a trip of 1000km, in the favor of the wind along the Northeastern coast of Brazil.


Among the kiters are André Penna, captain of the SSF and master of the long distance treks; Sebastian Ribeiro, professional athlete, also captain and leader of the expedition; Marcelinha Witt, our water woman, SSF ambassador and inspiration for many girls; Marco Dalpozzo, a great mentor of Surfin Sem Fim; and Jalila Paulino, an experienced kiter with many, many routes already under her belt.



The adventure started from Pousada Manary, na Praia Ponta Negra (RN), has passed Maracajaú and at the moment our team is at sea, sharing a lot of excitement and following the trip towards their next stop.

The Ultra Man route continues for another 11 days, until arriving in Atins, in Maranhão.

May the winds lead you towards the infinite and rejuvenate your soul. Have a great trip!

All Photos: Analice Diniz


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