Surfin Sem Fim is ready to take you on the best kitesurfing adventure of your life!

Born from a passion for exploring the world with kitesurfing and discovering essential experiences, we offer a complete package for a unique and unforgettable kiting or wingfoil trip in the Terra do Vento, Brazil..

The Surfin Sem Fim Tribe is inspired by nature, taking on challenges, and a passion for the wind and water. Our specialty is kiting long distance routes. The Trade Winds continue to bless about 1,800km of northeastern Brazil, along five states for eight months out of the year.

We have been working hard to develop the best routes and destinations, and a solid team so that you can live a unique experience.

Surfin Sem Fim is a multi-day adventure to explore the Terra do Vento, Brazil. Evolution, friendship, nature, culture, and poetry– we take care of everything. It could be to improve your level of kiting or to fulfill your dream of discovering the Terra do Vento by kite.

The Dates 2023

Required experience:

You have some experience riding along small waves
You’ve taken part on at least one small downwinder
You can ride for around 2h a day
Your average speed on a downwinder is 5 to 10 km/h

You have experience riding along formed waves and/or want to improve on wave riding
You have experience with small downwinders and want to challenge yourself and work on your skills
You can ride for around 3h a day
You can ride toe-side
You know the technique and you’re able to ride downwind on a straight line
Your average speed on a downwinder is 10 to 15 km/h

You’re confident riding along waves
You have solid downwind experiences
You can ride for 3/4h a day
You can safely ride long distances on toe-side
You’re confident with advanced downwind techniques (like kite loop)
You’re average speed on a downwinder is 15 to 25 km/h

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